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Laptop & Desktop Computer Repair Services
Conroe, The Woodlands, Tomball, Magnolia, and Woodforest

Looking for great IT support with your computer or computer network?

We offer timely onsite computer / computer network service in your home or office in and around The Woodlands Texas.
Computer Repair Hard Drive Upgrades

Computer Repair

Weโ€™ll get it restored quickly, expertly, and always affordably.

  • Hard Drive Replacement
  • Cracked Screen
  • Charge Port

Laptop Computer Screen Repair

Laptop Repairs

We repair any brand, any damage, and upgrades.

  • Screen Repair
  • Performance Boost
  • Hard Drive Recovery

Computer Network Repair The Woodlands

Computer Networks

WIFI Network, Ethernet Networks, Installation, Upgrades & Troubleshooting.

  • Mesh Networks
  • Access Points
  • Network Hardware

Professional Computer service offering affordable, high
quality, repairs for laptop and desktop computers.

Computer Repairs & Upgrades in your office, or ours!
Conroe, The Woodlands, Tomball, Magnolia, and Woodforest.
Computer Repair The Woodlands

The Woodlands' 1st Choice
Computer Services

Your computer and computer network is important, and should run efficiently. We offer both onsite and in-house computer repairs and upgrades. We repair damaged laptop screens, keyboards, power ports, power buttons, hinges, hard drives, and plastics.

What is the difference between Computer Maintenance and Computer Repair?

Computer Maintenance means Troubleshoot the end user problem while Computer Repair means resolving Computer Hardware Related issues. Computer Repair is necessary when something is wrong with your PC, while Computer Maintenance is a check-up for maintaining a good working computer to help prevent, or avoid potential problems.

We offer complete computer repair services at the best value.
Random Access Memory
Overall performance can benefit from additional RAM.
Gaming PC Upgrades
High-end graphics cards are power hungry, we can sort it all out for you.
Hard Drive Upgrades
Upgrade your computer to a faster, solid-state-drive; best bang for the buck.
OS Optimization
Bloatware, Malware / Virus Scanning & Removal
Troubleshooting the Crash
The Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), officially aka Stop error or Blue Screen error
Slowing Performance
My hard drive is full and my PC runs much slower than before
Damaged Keyboard Repairs
Keyboards do fail, usually resulting from spilled liquid(s) and or food crumbs.
Distorted Display / Screen
Damaged laptop display screens can be replaced in a cost-effective manner.
Battery Replacements
Laptop batteries have a finite lifespan. Laptop batteries can easily be replaced.
Broken Hinges / Buttons
Damaged Hinge & Keyboard Repair and Replacements
Performance Upgrades
Increase overall performance by increasing the RAM, or adding an SSD.
Charging port
Damaged power ports are not uncommon; repair or replacement is affordable.
Gigabit Ethernet Network
TCPIP network devices are more stable on ethernet connections.
Network Hardware
Network routers, modems, switches, access points.
Wireless Networking
WiFi depends on a clear line of sight between the device and a hotspot.
Network Performance Support
A fast internet connection, needs a highspeed local network.
Which is better, Wired or Wireless Network?
Both network topologies have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Extend my network throughout my home.
Increase the speed & stability of the WIFI network in your home or office.
Get answers to common questions about our services

Do you offer onsite services?

Yes, we are happy to schedule an onsite appointment at your convenience.

Is the data on my computer safe with you?

In a single word, yes. We have no interest in searching your hard drive for any of your personal information. The simple fact is the hard drive with the operating system will almost always be required for repair jobs.

What is your repair guarantee?

All new components are sold at cost / reimbursement-only and will have individual manufacturer warranty / guarantee status.
All services are satisfaction guaranteed.

Do you have a storefront?

The Woodlands 1st Choice Computer Service is a home based business you can trust.

Can I wait while the repair is completed?

In many cases, the answer is unfortunately, no. Some issues which are promptly diagnosed, can be fixed quickly and we are happy to do so when possible.


We have a diags fee because some issues don’t always present themselves immediately; to properly diagnose the symptom(s) requires time, tools, and knowledge. Not every repair job can be completed in a cost-effective manner for both parties. The bench fee covers our time should the suggested repairs exceed the value of the device. *Diagnostic fees are included in final pricing of services.

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