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WIFI Suddenly Stopped

While there are several potential issues which can result in a previously working WIFI connection, there are also some potential fixes which are simple to qualify.

The Easy Method to Fix WIFI

The first thing to verify is the actual status of the WIFI receiver in your device. Check the WIFI status in order to verify if the device is currently connected to the correct WIFI transmitter. Should the device not be connected to the correct WIFI network, a simple reboot may suffice to restore the connection. If your device is connected to the correct WIFI network access point, then rebooting the network router may resolved the connectivity issue.


The Next Best Option(s) to Fix WIFI

Advanced users, or anyone understands DOS, can use a command prompt to execute various network diagnostic commands for more direct troubleshooting. Everyone else, it could be the right time to call your service provider’s technical support line, or support-chat if available.

Common WIFI Connection Fixes

  1. Test your Wi-Fi on different devices, if other devices are also not able to surf on the same WIFI network, see #2 below.
  2. Restart your router. This fix works so often that it’s always worth trying.
  3. Switch Wi-Fi bands (2.4 GHz vs 5 GHz) if available.
  4. Improve the position of your device and/or WIFI Router or Access Point*.

*WIFI works best “LOS” Line of Sight, WIFI transmitters should be located in a centrally located, overhead position for optimum performance.

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