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Our customer base includes several local area small businesses, many of which are home-based-businesses allowing us to provide a more personal approach and one to one relationships.

Website Design & Maintenance

An estimated 90% of business have a website.
Do you know your website traffic numbers?
What is your website doing for you?
A lot of web developers can build you a 'pretty' website but Google doesn't create Search Enging Results based on asthetics. At First Choice Computer Services, we build attractive websites that (more importantly) perform well in the search engines and we also provide free analytics reports to prove it. A pretty website that does not show up (on page 1 at a minimum), does nothing for you if it is never seen.

Residential & Business Computer Services
The Woodlands, Texas

We offer solutions to small and medium businesses that either: (1) do not have the need for an IT staff or person, or (2) cannot afford a fulltime staff, for your computers or computer network in your home or office. We offer degreed technicians that can quickly diagnose any computer problems and get them resolved in a timely manner and get you back to work. In the past, your options were limited to outrageous rates billed with minimums, for sometimes elementary problems. There are so many "under qualified" technicians out there, that you might have found yourself wondering if you were paying for them to learn while they attemtped to resolve your PC issues?

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Why 1st Choice Computer Services?

You certainly understand the need for a modern office, but your business has not grown to the level to justify the high cost of in-house Information Technology support staff. We offer fast response time to quickly resolve your computer and computer network issues in order to reduce your downtime and loss productivity.

Our over-trained staff offers hardware, and software installations including complete system rollouts. Custom network builds to improve your existing network framework, or build a new network from the ground up. We offer Malware Removal, Data and network Security techniques, system optimization, and much more.

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About 1st Choice Computer Services

Our degreed technicians have over 30 years experience
so you can sit back, and relax while our therapists work their magic.

New PC vs. Upgrading Current PC

There are serveral key points to consider when considering the purchase of a new personal computer. A very important question to ask yourself is - Why do I want a faster computer? An obvioius answer is because it's just that, faster. So, along with that question, should be - do I actually need a faster computer? In many cases, your current computer might have all the horsepower that you need and a system cleanup will restore the performance to when it was new. This will also save you money. If you are still on the path for making this new computer purchase, then you might consider setting a budget for this new computer. Then start your search for a new computer that fits within that budget and do your best to determine if the upgrade is worth the cost. In many situations, we find that increased system performance after having a computer opmitized by 1st Choice Computer Services resolves any need for a new computer, saving you time and money, right now.

Home Computer Networks

The benefits of a computer network in the home are plentiful. We can help you plan and build a computer network in your home or office. We can also assist with troubleshooting and expanding coverage in existing networks in your home or office.

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