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Computer Upgrades & Repair The Woodlands

Computer Upgrades & Repair

Just because your computer is running slow doesn't have to mean it has to be replaced. We can help you determine the best options for maintenance, cleaning, and/or upgrades that will improve the performance of your PC, and save you money.

Woodlands Texas Computer Support

Prompt Support

We offer both on-site and in-house computer upgrades and repair services. In most cases, we can provide same day on-site services to quickly get your system back up and running. We also offer remote access services enabling us to quickly resolve issues at a cost effective rate.

Woodlands Texas Computer Repair

Website Design & Maintenance

An estimated 90% of businesses have a website. Do you know your website traffic numbers? What is your website doing for you? A lot of web developers can build you a 'pretty' website, but Google doesn't create Search Engine Results based on aesthetics. At 1st Choice Computer Services, we build visually attractive websites that - more importantly - perform well in the search engines; and we provide free analytics reports to prove it. A pretty website that does not show up (on page 1 at a minimum), does nothing for you if it is never seen.

Malware Removal

Malware isn't always destructive, but it does hamper system performance. “Malware” is short for “malicious software” - computer programs designed to infiltrate and damage computers without the user’s consent. “Malware” is the general term covering all the different types of threats to your computer safety, such as viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, root-kits and more.

Computer Infection Removal

Virus Removal

Anti-virus protection is very important; viruses can be detrimental to your computer system(s), and can spread easily among networked devices. There isn't any one product that can guarantee your computer will always be virus-free, and infections can be difficult to remove. We can help to recover your lost data and remove infections.

Office Computer Network Installation

Local Area Networks (LAN)

Local area computer networks are what keep your computers networked with each other, and the Internet. Ethernet-based (or cable) networks are faster and more reliable than wireless (Wi-Fi). We can help with upgrades to cable or Wi-Fi networks to increase the network speed and throughput.